“The Gamers8 Epic: Cloud9’s Mastery over Vertigo and Anubis against fnatic”

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“Battle of the eSports Titans: Cloud9 vs. Fnatic Showdown Analysis”

In the highly anticipated face-off in the Gamers8 tournament’s Round of 16, Cloud9 demonstrated superior strategy and resilience to compete against Fnatic in an exhilarating two-map clash. The best-of-three series witnessed both teams making significant strategic map vetoes, setting the stage for intense matches on Vertigo and Anubis. Ancient was left over.

Vertigo: Fnatic’s Choice, Cloud9’s Triumph

Fnatic opened the series with their pick of Vertigo, showcasing their confidence on this map. However, it was Cloud9 who took the early lead, seizing nine rounds on the T-side in the first half. The second half presented a gripping narrative, with Fnatic mounting an impressive comeback by winning eight rounds on the T-side. Yet, Cloud9’s determination and critical plays, especially from Dmitry “⁠sh1ro⁠” Sokolov, ensured they closed the map with a 16-14 victory.

Critical performances from Cloud9 on Vertigo included Ilya “⁠Perfecto⁠” Zalutskiy, who led the fragging with 25 kills and a rating of 1.26, followed closely by sh1ro with 24 kills and a rating of 1.19. On fnatic’s end, Fredrik “⁠roeJ⁠” Jørgensen stood out with a commendable rating of 1.38, winning 8-3 in opening duels and consistently creating opportunities for his team.

 Vertigo (Picked by fnatic)

  • First Half Score: Cloud9 (T-side) 9 vs. fnatic (CT-side) 6
  • Second Half Score: Cloud9 (CT-side) 7 vs. fnatic (T-side) 8
  • Final Score: Cloud9 16 vs. fnatic 14

Analysis: The game on Vertigo was neck-to-neck. While Cloud9 took an early lead, Fnatic showed resilience in the second half, nearly bridging the gap. Critical plays, especially from Cloud9’s sh1ro, played a pivotal role in their victory.

Cloud9 Kills Deaths Rating
Perfecto 25 16 1.26
sh1ro 24 15 1.19
electroNic 18 20 1.05
Ax1Le 19 21 1.08
Hobbit 17 20 0.92
fnatic Kills Deaths Rating
roeJ 22 22 1.38
afro 16 20 1.19
dexter 16 21 0.81
KRIMZ 15 19 0.77
mezii 12 21 0.69


Anubis: Cloud9’s Dominance

Cloud9’s map choice of Anubis proved to be a masterstroke as they dominated the proceedings from start to finish. The first half mirrored the initial Vertigo results, with Cloud9 taking nine rounds on the T-side. The Second half was where Cloud9 truly showcased their superiority, allowing Fnatic to clinch only one Round and culminating in a decisive 16-7 victory.

Ilya “⁠Perfecto⁠” Zalutskiy continued to be sublime, posting a stellar rating of 1.60 with 25 kills, followed by sh1ro, who achieved a 1.49 rating with 22 frags. On the other hand, Fnatic saw standout performances from Mezii, who scored 1.40 with 22 kills, and KRIMZ with a 1.29 rating.

Anubis (Picked by Cloud9)

  • First Half Score: Cloud9 (T-side) 9 vs. Fnatic (CT-side) 6
  • Second half Score: Cloud9 (CT-side) 7 vs. Fnatic (T-side) 1
  • Final Score: Cloud9 16 vs. Fnatic 7

Analysis: On Anubis, Cloud9 demonstrated sheer dominance, particularly in the second half. The map pick proved advantageous as they allowed Fnatic only a single round in the second half, ensuring a more comfortable victory than Vertigo.

Cloud9 Kills Deaths Rating
Perfecto 25 16 1.60
sh1ro 22 16 1.49
electroNic 17 15 1.28
Hobbit 19 16 1.22
Ax1Le 9 18 0.59
fnatic Kills Deaths Rating
mezii 22 16 1.40
KRIMZ 21 16 1.29
dexter 16 20 0.97
afro 11 19 0.66
roeJ 11 21 0.54


While Cloud9 emerged victorious in both maps, the difference in performance was evident between the two. On Vertigo, the contest was intense, with both teams showing equal might. However, on Anubis, Cloud9’s superior strategies and execution overshadowed Fnatic’s efforts. Standout players like Perfecto and sh1ro were pivotal for Cloud9’s success across both maps.


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